Psychological Assessments

At the Olive Branch, we provide diagnostic assessments for children and adults using qualified, valid and reliable psychometric tools published by registered test publishers.

Our practitioners are registered under the British Psychological Society for psychological testing.

Following are tests that practitioners at the Olive Branch can administer:


1.   Behavioural Assessment System for Children™

2.   Developmental disorders that interfere with learning and social interaction.

4.   Students with disruptive, defiant, or difficult behaviours

5.   Students with reading disabilities

6.   Math problem solving skills

7.   Phonological awareness training

8.   Vocabulary intervention programme

Occupational /Career/Personal Development

1.      Golden Personality Type Profiler

Profiles Jungian type personality preferences and responses to stress.

2.      Watson-Glaser
Thinking Appraisal

Assesses an individual’s level of critical thinking ability.

3.     SOSIE
Personality Assessment

SOSIE is much richer than just a simple personality measure as it identifies both an individual’s traits and their interpersonal and personal values, which are important in interactions with others and drive personal motivators.

4.      Cognitive Style Index (SCI)

Measures an individual’s preference for problem solving, carrying out tasks, decision making and learning.

5.      OrpheusPersonality Questionnaire

A valuable psychometric tool that provides insight into an individual’s typical preferences, and relates them to their current attitudes to work.

6.     Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (RANRA)

Measures the ability to recognise, understand and apply mathematical and statistical reasoning abilities

7.     IRIS Situational Judgement Tests

These are sifting tools for Graduate, Junior Management, Sales, Administrative and Customer Service Roles. They assesses judgement when faced with commonly occurring work or reali-life situations.

8.      Raven’s Progressive Matrices (APM and SPM Short-Forms

A non-verbal measure of cognitive ability, which identifies problem solving and learning abilities across cultures

9.     Versant

A standard test of speaking and listening skills for adults. The test presents six different tasks, including reading sentences, repeating sentences, answering short questions, building sentences, story retelling, and answering open questions.

10.  Differential Aptitude Tests

Designed for use in educational and vocational guidance and are used by school counsellors, personnel officers, psychologists and all persons concerned with assessing the intellectual characteristics and educational or vocational aptitudes.

11.   Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test (BMCT)

This test is a mechanical aptitude test (MAT) that is administered by organisations in a wide range of occupations.

Personality Integrity Test

This is the test of personal integrity helps assess employee candidates before an interview. It indicates particular aspects of a candidate’s work-based behaviour and attitudes, which may be concealed from further probing during the selection.

13.   Bennett Hand Tool Dexterity Test

The test has been constructed to provide a measure of proficiency in using ordinary mechanics tools. It measures manipulative skills independent of intellectual factors.

14.   Core Abilities Assessment

A brief measurement of cognitive and reasoning abilities that is able to predict success across occupations and industries.

15.  Honey and Mumford: Learning Style Questionnaire and Behavioural Series

A learning style series and range of instruments for development.

16.   General Clerical Test Revised

A powerful tool which assesses clerical speed and accuracy, numerical and verbal ability.

17.  Under-Pressure

A tool that helps to raise awareness and build resilience among employees.