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Registered and Experienced Professionals

In Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy

We are a team of registered and experienced professionals in Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy to help bring about effective change and enhance your well being

We believe that our clients deserve a professional who is not only trained, but one who is also motivated by a genuine desire to help. Professionals at the Olive Branch work with clients to resolve issues so that they can move forward with their lives and are not dependent on counselling or therapy for years to come.

Clients are encouraged in a safe environment to discover how the presenting issues affect life. They learn to make important changes and are equipped with tools provided by our professionals to begin a new journey towards a more fulfilling life of purpose, meaning and greater joy.

Vision, Mission and Values

At Olive Branch, our vision is to provide a safe haven to help individuals and families who need to develop more satisfying ways of meeting life's challenges. Our mission is to promote holistic wellbeing through unconditional acceptance within a supportive environment.

We are committed to recognizing the worth of an individual. Whatever the circumstances, it is not an easy process and we understand that. We want to help you along your journey. Our counsellors are knowledgeable and caring individuals who serve our clients with a commitment to unparalleled excellence. We achieve this through our Core Values of: Honesty, Humility, Compassion and Service to others

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